anything which exists inside an organization in any time span. E.g. projects, conversations, tasks, etc.

In our dairy activity we are surrounded by conversations. Discussions. Debates. You name it.

A flow can be anything (based on its type) and it can last any amount of time (from forever to just minutes).

A flow has:


Every member has equal rights over a flow based on nexus' settings.

They can reply to the original message. Any flow must allow replies.

In order to keep as much context and structure as possible, anyone can modify a flow (unless opposite is stated) with actions:

This actions keep debate structured and avoid off-topics to take over main conversation. They also allow to manage duplication and information overload.

Transparency, accessibility and privacy

Transparency and privacy come from nexus' settings where a flow belongs.

Flows must be accessible with permalink, as long as each message they contain.


To simplify cooperation and discussion, common answers like agreement or rejection must be handled through specific mechanisms like +1/-1 buttons on messages.

Flows can be used to receive external feedback from different sources, like requests, criticism, press contacts, searches and mentions in social networks, leaks, ideas, etc.

A REST API is mandatory to allow third party integration. For example, Huginn integration for IFTTT-like features.